at old flame, we are conscious of the social and environmental impacts of our industry. because of this, we believe in a slow burn approach to fashion design and reject the ‘fast fashion’ model entirely.

this ethos is a commitment to not only creating high quality pieces, but also creating ethically produced and sustainable pieces. we may not be perfect, but we are committed to learning and continually making thoughtful, educated decisions as our label grows.


we create perennial garments that will last. not only because of their quality, but because they have been inspired by proven silhouettes of past eras. designed to be effortlessly paired with vintage pieces, we hope our designs have the same longevity and become staples in their own right.

our collections are periodically released in limited numbers. all collections contain deliberately trans-seasonal designs that can be worn repeatedly throughout the year.


we choose to only work with ethical, low-impact factories in Indonesia and Hong Kong.

we have a very close working relationship with our manufacturers, workers and artisans. we are in regular communication and visit the factories whenever possible to ensure we are assisting in creating an effective workflow. this includes minimising waste in fabric, electricity, and ensuring the artisans are not over-worked.


extensive research goes into choosing our fabric options, using natural and sustainable fibres where and whenever possible.

we only use durable fabrics that are soft to the touch. we want our garments to not just feel incredible but last a lifetime. you can find out more about these below. 

  • Biodegradable

  • Thermoregulating (cool in summer, warm in winter)

  • Natural UV protection (15SPF), therefore retains colour for longer

  • Hemp Crops use 5% of the water that cotton does (it can often be rain-fed)

  • Doesn’t deplete soils of its nutrients (in fact, it returns 60-70% of nutrients back to the soil)

  • Less vulnerable to insects, needs little-to-no pesticides

  • Grows much faster than cotton

  • Made from regenerated Cellulose (Recycled Cotton Linter - A waste product from Cotton manufacturing)

  • Feels just like silk, but it’s Vegan

  • Biodegradable

  • Breathable, hypoallergenic & thermoregulating

  • Water used during the manufacturing process can be recycled


within each of our collections we release at least one ‘salvage’ garment made entirely from dead-stock fabric. by upcycling these materials, we are giving new life to something that was destined for landfill. their trash is our treasure.


Our responsibility doesn’t stop when our garments leave our studio. 100% of our packaging is biodegradable or recyclable. We have compostable mailer bags, tissue paper and stickers.